I wrote this one today and was wondering what you thought and if I should finish it...

Inside these walls conflict calls and too often we answer
tension thick in the air tastes just like dreaded cancer
your complaints are a pain shit can get so petty
whose fault who's to blame yeah is all this necessary
tell me who knows the dangers or the damage done
when the voices rise violently and then the screaming comes
wave after wave ****in' disfunction rips me right from me
all sence of reason this world's filled with uncertainty

so you wanna medicate me so you can tolerate me
inside I bet you wish you could terminate me
oh-oh from your glass house you cast your stones
must I continue to pay for sins that aren't my own

when you look at me tell me who exactly do you see
your contempt is more than enough to erase my identity
one more pill and I'll be out of your way
thanks for asking thanks for letting me have a say...
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