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Title explains it all. I am usually in E standard. EADGBE. I also play in D standard (whole step down) some times too. DGCFAD
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Eb usually. Sounds better to my ears for blues.
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Just standard. I'm kinda normal like that.
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E standard or drop D. Haven't used it in any other tuning except once when I tuned it down to drop C.
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Usually D standard. My other is in E most of the time.
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Standard/Drop D/D Flat/E Flat
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E standard or drop D. But I have used pretty much every tuning; C standard, C# standard, Drop C, D standard, Drop C#, Drop A.... yeah my band has difficulty deciding what tuning to use...

SPORKedit: Also my acoustis is tuned to DGDGAD
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I'm forever changing it. I'm currently in DDDDDD.

Serious? If so,
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I seem to attract girls.
Which is annoying, cos I'm a girl and I like cock.

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D standard/ dropped C

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always in standard, except for my double neck which i keep a touch higher than standard, not exactly E#, just a little touch higher than normal because i like the sound it gives the 12 string
E Standard. Always =(
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Usually standard or drop D. It's in drop C# at the moment though.

I keep my Dean in C#. My other guitar is usually in either B of D. I'm about to get a 7 string though so that will probably change soon.
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Usually in E standard or Dropped D
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D, D#, G, G, A, A# on my crappy guitar
Eb on my Strat
F#, F#, D, D, Eb, Eb on my Les Paul
E or drop D on my Jazzmaster
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Usually E Standard or Eb.
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E standard or C# Standard for the electrics

and currently

EACFAE on my acoustic.
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Usually standard and drop D. My older electric guitar is in drop C.
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Either C#/drop B, or occasionally in standard. I have a Randy Rhodes that stays in standard.
Good ol' E standard.
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Serious? If so,
Yeah. 3 octaves of D. There's a lot you can do with it, if you put your mind to it.
I have 4 electric guitars, and they are in drop A, drop B, drop C, and drop B, lol
One standard, one dropped d, one two steps down with the bottom string dropped. Nice variation
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C standard
and im NOT in a metal-core band

Are you in a stoner metal band?

I tune to c standard as well.
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Standard, but my backup is always Eb, just in case I play that one song that was a douchebag and just HAD to be a halfstep down.
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one guitar is in standard, one in drop d, and my acoustic is in open Fmaj7 tuning (CFCAEC i think)
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I don't change it back and forth very often. I usually go through phases:

Standard/Drop D

Drop C

D Standard

Rinse and Repeat
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C# standard. BTBAM that schtuff.
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Are you in a stoner metal band?

I tune to c standard as well.

lol nah,im in a melodic death metal band and a jazz fusion band(but i play sax in the JF band)