I've been looking at Neo cabs latley and the basic description I'm getting is they're lighter but with more output. Reading this makes me think that you'd have to be sacrificing something for this, I know they're generally more expensive and you get what you pay for and all that but it seems like they wouldn't be able to handle as much bass or something?
You shouldn't lose any tone with neo speakers. They seem to be the wave of the future, at least for bass. The main selling point thus far has been that they are lighter, which is a big plus when the industry standards for bass are 4x10 and 8x10 cabinets. Having lugged a non-neo 8x10 cabinet on many occasions, I can tell you that shaving some 40 or so pounds from it would be a godsend. I've read that the neo speakers are more responsive, but I can't attest to that personally. All of the major manufacturers (particularly the high-end ones) either offer or are in the process of making neo-loaded cabinets, so they obviously must be a good thing.
Neo speakers rock. I have a 212 Neo and it's a sweet sweet cab. Neo speakers are indeed lighter, more responsive, and they actually have a better bass response because they're so strong. Overall they're just a better technology. Downside is, of course, price.
It's just a different magnet material that is lighter. No sacrifices.
Cost, perhaps? I am not current with the going market prices for various magnets, but I believe Neodymium is somewhat rare, no? Certainly more rare than ceramic.
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you wont notice really that much of a difference. you might be missing some sort of classic bubbley sound neo's are a little harsher but you wont really notice that much tho you can still get classic sounds with them just maybe not "the" classic sound.

if you want a very edgy agressive sound you wont notice at all the difference between neos and others.
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There is no real reason why neo's should sound different. The aggressive sound usually is just because the magnet is stronger and the traditional sound is due to a weaker magnet and this is true whatever the magnetic material. Neo's are just better magnets so for the same power they are smaller and lighter the only problem is that the raw material is rarer and more expensive.
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