you could get a much better guitar for that price. try seagul, takamine or guild guitars for the best in that price range.
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can u suggest some models, must be cutaway and electric would be nice but if a non electric would have that much quality that would be fine
in addition to yamaha, i'd consider seagull a high quality brand. here's a couple solid top models with cutaway and electronics



you might also check out breedlove and takamine, and i've heard good things about alvarez, although i haven't spent much time with them. i'd avoid dean, ibanez and epiphone.
i haven't seen it in person, but musiciansfriend had an alvarez jumbo with cutaway and electronics not too far in price from the martin. the washburns i tried didn't sound as good as seagull or yamaha. on the other hand, i've only tried a few washburns because there aren't as many in the gc's in the l.a. area, and only a couple at the local sam ash. and part of the problem could have been the strings might have been dead.

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I've liked all the Alvarez models I've played, although the cutaway one at my local store was about $1400 Washburn makes some nice guitars too, but I can't remember if the one I played was a cutaway or not.
I've got an Alvarez jumbo cutaway and it sounds and feels great. I tried out some of the Martin HPL guitars, the Epi Masterbuilts, and a few others that the shops had in my price range and the Alvarez felt and sounded the best by far. It's definitely a well made quality guitar, it looks beautiful and the fit and finish is perfect. It's got a loud, deep, bright sound, I replaced the plastic pegs with ebony to mellow it out a little and now it's exactly what I wanted. It sounds great plugged in, and there's an optional microphone you can get and then blend the pickup with the mic to get it just right. I would give one a try if I were you, I don't think you'll be disappointed. I think it cost me about $600 with a nice case, so it's in your price range.
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There is nothing wrong with that specific martin. I know somebody with that exact model i would say that its equal in sound with anything else in its price range.

However you might be turned off by its lack of binding, satin finish as opposed to gloss, and it has a neck made from many (way more than the 3 or 5 found on some guitars) different pieces of wood glued together as opposed to a solid neck.

I find it odd that instead of answering the question of how the guitar plays and sounds people immediately start suggesting alternate guitars that they think are better.
the op's main concern seemed to be quality, and other than that i tried to go with the specs from the guitar the op showed - cutaway, acoustic electric and 1 11/16 nut.

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I find it odd that everyone seems to know TS's desired specs that he hasn't posted.
thanks guys and yea you pretty much nailed my specs. I think im gonna just go play as many as there are at sam ash haha
I would suggest an Alvarez Masterworks series if you can still find one. They've been discontinued, but there are probably still some left over stock around. Very good guitars.
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Look into Washburns, they're terrific values!