Just curious as to what everybody's opinions of the best "hi-gain" wahs are. My Jimi Hendrix wah is nice for clean to mid-gain stuff, but fails to meet my expectations with higher gain stuff.

I hate to sound like a fan-boy, but I love the way Kirk Hammett uses his wah on solos like Welcome Home (Sanitarium) and Seek and Destroy. Other guys like Joe Walsh, Jeff Beck, etc.

I just wondered if there are certain Wah pedals that are better for high-gain leads, which I play a lot of. Kirk Hammett, Dime, and EVH Wah's immediately come to mind. Wasn't sure if there were any other wah's that aren't necessarily artist signature's (not that there is anything wrong with signature stuff sometimes).

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morely tremonti wah
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Ibanez Weeping Demon can handle high gain a lot better than other wahs.

Granted, this allows you to shape your tone far more, so you could probably get more use out of this if you're looking to shell out some quid on this.

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Well, I have the Crybaby From Hell. I think it has a decent sound if adjusted properly and it is also suitable for other styles. If I had the money at this point I'd probably look into RMC wah's, from what I've heard over the years. The Wizard I think it was.
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I don't normally like the dunlops but i love the 535Q. Versatile and good durability.
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