I'm looking for something small. An amp head that's pretty small, comparable to a Vox Night Train I think its called. I want to get Van Halen type tones out of it. I'm somewhat sure there's no such thing, but I figured Id ask. I do have a tube screamer, I don't know how much that helps though. Price range doesn't matter at this point. Any recommendations?
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Marshall Haze 15?

I thinks that would get you more VH toanz than the Night Train would.
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what about one of those new jet city amps? i haven't tried them; they may suck. but based on what i've heard (which isn't much), they *might* do what you want.
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I just got back from Guitar Center and I tried a Jet City JCA20H. It's great for most Rock, though you'll need a boost to get near Metal territory. Nice cleans, as well. No built in Reverb, though.
I played a Jet City pretty extensively with a Gibson Les Paul and and SG, both standards. It blows the night train and the haze out of the water. It can get great Gn'R, Aerosmith, Van Halen sounding tones, the cleans were great, and the higher gain was pretty sweet. For hard rock, at that price tag, you'd be crazy not to pick one up. Once I'm done paying off my SG Standard I definitely will be.
The Jet City JCA20H can probably do what you want, i didn't play that much on it but it would definitely be good for those classic rock sounds.

Other amps to look at would be the blackheart handsome devil would need a boost though, the marshall haze 15, also an randall rm20 will probably do everything you want it too with the right modules.