Hi everyone, I have been playing for a couple years now, and I know nothing or have yet bothered to learn theory. I want to improve my guitar playing overall and I dont know where to excactly begin to look at for in theory. Anyone have suggestion or help where I should start?

any help would be appreaciated, thanks!
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I also have to agree with the link. But you don't have to know theory to become a better guitarist. It helps for sure, but it's not a requirement. Opeth don't know any theory, neither does George Lynch and I heard that Allan Holdsworth doesn't know any either (I'm not sure if that's true, that's just what I heard.)
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Learn the notes on the fretboard first.
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First off, you gotta learn the order of the notes. Then learn the order of steps in major scales (wwhwwwh) and minor scales (whwwhww). Then learn the key signatures. Then modes, ect.
Circle of 5ths and notes on the fretboard come first.
Second is how the major and minor scales are constructed from 5ths
Third is harmonizing the major scale to produce all the chords in a key

Past that, there's not so much of a set sequence. But modes and chord substitutions are probably the most useful.
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