Hey UG I posted a few months ago and didn't get much love cause people thought i was whoring out talent or something!! So I'll ask again and see how I'm recieved. I work at a small studio in Louisiana and everyone in this place thinks they are a rapper. Im coming to UG to see if someone needs any of their songs mixed. No charge just something to do in my spare time. If you do like what I can do and say wanna work on a demo thats cool but just letting me mix a song would be fun for me and a blessing to to my ears for not hearing sucky rappers.. Think about it and let me know!!!! (Oh and I do have a home studio also that I can crank out some stuff as well)
Heh, thats N.O. for ya :p

Anyways, I may need some mixing help in the near future. I'll keep you in mind.
Derpy Derp Derp Herp Derp
Yeah teh bad part is im in baton rouge so we are kinda like the hub like every major city in South louisiana is only like ah hour away. I dont know if you ever heard of a label called Trill Entertainment but they kinda "RUN" the sound and style around here and that pretty much sucks. So everyone brings in the same ole shit. Gets very boring thats why Im just in the mood to mix up some other stuff. And from your post on the other thread we are on i think if i get something from you it will be good quality cause i am picky as hell too.