I've decided to buy a used one. This is my first tube amp and I'm not sure whether to get the 410 or the 212. Someone is selling a 212 in good condition and made in US while another person is selling a 410 for the same price as well not as good condition and made in Mexico. Any suggestions Pros and cons of a 212 and 410? Sorry, Quite noob at this.

EDIT: I am not implying that the Mexican one is lower quality. I have had experience where some Mexican made Fender guitars were better than USA made guitars.
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if you are talking about cabs, speakers are always easy to replace if they are broken. if you need the volume and more bass response, i assume the 4x10 would have that

but if its a combo, i assume replacing the speaker would be similar too...

i have no experience, just trying to help
410 is heavier but has more speakers pushing the sound, so different tone maybe?
the 212 is way lighter but only has two speakers.

either will be all good for either gigging or just practicing, they sound sweet at lower volume.
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I have the 410, I bought it new when it was made in Mexico, it's a fine amp. When I was doing research about the amp, I found the overwhelming consensus to be that the 10" speakers were better. Luckily, my local Guitar Center had them both right next to each other so I could try them out. I agreed with the consensus about the 10" speakers, so I got them.