Its called Moon Master. This is probably my heaviest song to date. Im actually quite proud of this one. I took the advice of the comments last time and found a better mic position for my guitars. This song also has vocals, but dont pay attention to the lyrics because they are awful lol. All comments and criticisms are welcome thanks alot guys
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Vocals clipping?

Yeah man... Im not really sure how to prevent that actually. Either i turn up the level of the mic and it clips or i turn it down and it just sounds like im talking funny... not really sure what to do about that problem. Although for this recording the clipping isnt actually to bad, i just have a thick scream but it still does clip some.
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I'm sorry. I'm old school and I never understood this kind of singing over something that's a really cool riff and drum beat. I know alot of people like it, and metal is hard to sing to in general, but I'd rather listen to just the music or some lead played over it. That's just MY opinion of the vocals though. The music rocks dude. I could imagine some really rippin lead lines over that beat sometimes. Sounds pro too. You got some riffin skills.

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Intro =) moon master love it. Nice guitar riff and drummin you have goin on here really nice and some nice guitar technqiues I can hear! REminds me of cradle or somthing.

Not my genre of music but nice song structure and overall sound. Quality is fine for me cant see a problem?

Btw we have a new song out atm , could you crit it please?


Thanks in advance,
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Starts with a melodic riff, and then a really nice lead. I like this type of metal. Now the vocals are here, and I have to say, you are a nice screamer man! Really dig your voice. Now I'm attacked with really cool lead melodies, good job on those. Nothing too complicated, but with a nice feel and melody. At this point its verse and chorus again, but I wanted to say, that I dig the name of the song, Moon Master. At this point I noticed the first 4 minutes with the first and second verses and choruses are a tiny bit repetetive, but the later solo/instrumental section is really good.

I liked this song very much, I sense a bit of Wintersun with CoB here, but thats just me (din't look at your influences while typing this, I may be wrong [usually I am]).

Crit mine?
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Awesome post, dude.

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Damn man thats pretty raging Great job ill post a better review with a c4c but right now im off to bed

REVIEW: First off props for the vocals those were really well done i wish i could do those

the first criticism that popped to mind is your guitar tone, i know home recordings dont have skullcrushing tone but it couldve used a bit more presence in the speed riffing, it kinda became a ambient noise together with the drums (who could use more low in their eq IMO)
(Btw did you use a program for the drums or did you do them yourself? they sound really natural)

I also woudlve liked it if the slower leads like the one starting at 1:35 would get a second guitar line after a while so they stay more interesting.

Maybe you could also add a low grunt to the higher ones at some parts ( like the one at 2:58 for instance) i think it would sound awesome.

Also the part at 5:15 has a nice flow from the end of the one part to the begining of that part, but once it goes back to the heavy stuff again its not that subtle. also the kinda vocal/string thingy couldve made a bit more of a subtle entrance and couldve lasted longer (you Sweep very well by the way :O)

The end solo is pure win BTW

But overal i really liked it, couldve been something on my ipod it had a lot of moshpit starting moments in there and the composing was great.

Keep it up
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