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Hey, I've just created a pretty decent looking myspace site for my band, only thing is right now we aren't the band we plan to be.

I don't have any songs on me to upload (our only songs recorded are at a band members place, and they are covers)..

We are heading towards being an original band, and not just like a covers duo which is what we are right now.

Should I wait until we have some original songs from a full band after we find a drummer and upload them, or should I just get the covers from my mate and upload them, and then give out links to our myspace to people?

I'm not quite sure how to go about it, since I want to get our name out there, but I don't want to give people a link to a band myspace with no songs, and I don't really want people to think we're just an acoustic cover duo, since now we do have a bassist, just need a drummer..

What's your thoughts?

Should I hold off on it for a bit, or still upload the acoustic covers of the songs, and give it out to people?
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Start writing good, original material that you can upload, and maybe just wait until you have a decent following in your local area
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I'd say that things such as this should be made at the same point as when you are ready and comfortable with doing Original gigs, since it's about the same thing. It is about you having some material, that you think is great, and worth the time of the people that may hear it. That which you want to represent who you are as a band.

If that made little sense, then.. make some original songs and put'em up

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Yeah, pretty much as I thought.

I have written a few songs, just can't record anything here, I'm gonna get together with the lead guitarist and record some stuff at his place, should be awesome, somehow everything records really clearly there..
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Who are you giving it out to? If it's just friends and family then I'd start telling people now just so they know you have a myspace and know that you are forming a band. If you're planning on telling strangers then I'd wait till you have something you are proud to show them.
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no point adding a load of people on myspace with no music wiat till you've got some recordings of originals so they can see what you sound like and if they like you thery'll follow you if you have no music they'll just ignore it
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King Turi
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Yeah, I'm gonna wait 'till we get some original stuff, then give it to everyone..

How many songs should we have before I give it out?
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Quote by King Turi
Yeah, I'm gonna wait 'till we get some original stuff, then give it to everyone..

How many songs should we have before I give it out?

2 is great. Heaps of bands on myspace only have two up there.

But I reckon you could put two originals up.. and a cover. A well known one, just so people can recognise it.

Everyone did a cover or two. Look how big Queen got and they had a couple of covers.

But especially as a new band, something to grab people's attention, put your own spin on. A cover won't be so bad.
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Yeah, 1 cover would be nice..

No idea what song that would be, whatever it is, I'm going to want to completely and utterly change it from the original.

Got a few ideas though, got some lyrics which I reckon are good enough for songs, just gotta wait until I can get together with the lead guitarist and get it all down and recorded.

This Friday I'm getting an awesome keyboard which is going to add so much to our sound it's not funny, I can't wait >_<
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I would start giving out your myspace and info right before you do your first original show, but don't upload songs yet.

So you've got some info for people to recognize and follow your band, but you want to play your songs live first, then get some recordings up. It's better for people to see it, then come back and recognize it on your page, than the other way around.
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you have a variety of options here

while i understand not doing something until you have all the pieces / original material yada yada yada.

at the same point

it takes a long time to actually get a fan base. so starting early. ( if you actually think this project is going to work ) isnt necessarily a bad thing.

ideas on how to make this work.

throw a couple of acoustic covers up.

and then record snippets of the rest of the group jamming out songs

maybe 30 - 45 seconds of riffs or a chorus you have guys have dead on. Only if they sound good enough to put on your page though. dont put up crappy recording jobs with sloppy music playing.

to give people a taste of what your working with, to get the interested and the such.

if you can give a couple " samples " of material your in the process of creating and one or two acoustic covers of songs somewhere in the genre your aiming for.

thats enough to start giving out the myspace.

if you have a video camera. start taking videos of the practices. and post clips of good parts on the myspace. you can start putting your myspace out there like that as well.


but of course as soon as you have your show you have to promote it with your myspace.

no excuses.

video. or audio recording.

or it can just be a video of a couple of you guys talking about the show and building hype for it.
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People are impatient. If they go to a band's Myspace page they'll want to hear what they sound like. If there is nothing there, the majority aren't likely to go back. So wait until you've got at least 1 track that is of good enough quality and then upload it. Then start giving out your Myspace URL.
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Yeah, we're definately going to wait until we have some songs ready to go, should be awesome.

We don't really know what style we will be after we have my keyboard and a full band.. right now we are acoustic rock, but I have some awesome ideas for our original stuff, the originals I've written don't sound anything like the songs we cover, totally different..

So I don't know whether to even put our cover songs up, since they don't sound anything like our originals.
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If you're forming a band, there's never really a bad time to give out your myspace. One of the most important things about starting a band is making people aware of your existence, and it could be pretty tough without a myspace (try and keep it updated with info/music) or something along those lines.
The internet will be really helpful in creating a following beyond who you know personally.
If possible though, get some recordings up first.
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Yeah I know, internet is going to be a big help.

Basically just gotta wait 'til lead guitarist has a spare day that we can record everything at his place, I've got all our original songs written up.

Haven't gone over them all with him yet, but they are about as good as they'll get.