It'll be the first one, obviously labeled "Untitled New Song", or something of that nature. It's pretty standard, I sat down, played a few takes, and went with it, not much thought put in it to be honest. I'm more-or-less trying to get a formula down as far as my recording process, so I spent more time mixing the song than I did playing it. Anyways, I'd like the tone and overall mixed critique, tell me what you can't hear, what needs to be turned down, and ask why my guitar sounds like a high pitched chain saw, etc.

C4C of course, and add me if you haven't.
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LOL, it really sounds like a chainsaw haha.

I liked the drums, are they real or programmed?
You should title the song the killer chainsaw or something

I liked the riffs, you should throw one or two more in there because for almost 4 minutes it gets kinda repetitive...or maybe a solo should do it
overall, pretty nice song
Maybe I forgot to mention that it's a song and not an instrumental? Solo's and vocals will be added later, but this is the base of the song, what I believe you might be calling repetitive is the solo section which is a repeat of the verses bridge?

That link is to someone elses song, do I comment on that one?
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Oh haha... heres the correct link...


btw... from ur thread titled... it did says an Untitled Instrumental... sorry If I misunderstood from that...
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