Everything has unlimited ammo your grenade launcher shoots like a machine gun it's crazy and a little fun. Anyone else experiencing this?
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And people give me shit for saying CoD is "meh"...

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*Turns xbox on*

lulz combo breaker

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The only glicheness I've experienced is the free-for-all ground war games. There sweet, and shitty at the same time.
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**turns nope on**

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^First time I've ever made a funny

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okay Mike my advice for you is, don't sleep with your sister
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You can't use fun to describe MW2. It's fundamentally contradictory.

Well maybe I should say it's the most fun I've had since I got the game.
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Happened to me last week. Try using the AC-130, the big cannon fires like a machine gun.
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And people give me shit for saying CoD is "meh"...

that's odd. it is probably the most 'meh' game i've ever played.
I've just been playing infinite time domination games on rust LOL.... Ps. I got my first nuke today on skid row.
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