Probably going to get a new guitar for christmas. I have a few that i like but i need to narrow it down. i play a wide variety of styles so i need something versatile. i like bands like incubus, the mars volta, radiohead, the fall of troy, heavey metal like btbam, and some light shredding. i have a peavey jsx amp.

i played the fender deluxe players stratocaster, and i really liked the feel and sound, but i dont know how well it will do with high gain (only got to try it on a fender amp). I looked into the deluxe lonestar and i saw that it had a humbucker and a little hotter pick ups. Would this be a more beefy solution to a deluxe players with simalar feel.

i also really like the feel of the ibanez s series, and ive heard they are really versatile, but they dont really have the nice clean chimey sounds that fenders have.
should i just go ahead and get a nice fender and then later on get something else to fill my heavier metal type needs?

oh, and im also interested in the Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special HH. would that be worth the extra $200
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telecasters are also good for metal...

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