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8 73%
3 27%
Voters: 11.
1 pt. 5 days.


I used to think in terms of days; moments
wasted or savoured to the heart’s content and
lives lived to the fullest terms of our rent,
falling into the contract’s close at death.

I used to think of these moments; weighing
them as full or empty or somewhere between –
to be filled with dreams or time killed,
freely drowning in an empty nothing.

Now I’m sure that the key is in
not knowing; in trusting your heart enough
to let the mind carefully, gently refine those tiny,
perfect little dreams into something close to
a whole, rich reality – a simple, wholesome life.

To see you settled there again, even
settled - a state so rare it is to be savoured and
viewed with wonder like a great work of art –
settle inside my arm, against my chest, head rising
and falling with each of my breaths like a whispered promise
carried deftly on a wistful breeze.

I am a breeze, lifting you
but only you can still the winds, calm
the seas and part the waves until, on
a single patch of dry land, we lay
arm in arm, face to face and
contently and calmly


Holy Lover

I look at my wrists like they need to be opened,
And I know I'll do it I would've already done it,
But I met you and I don't really know, things changed,
And I found a reason to push on,
There are feelings inside of me and I can't determine,
If they should be acted on and I should just do it,
And my headstone wouldn't read anything at all,
Because my life was worth shit to begin with,

You know nicotine tastes the same as I'm feeling,
At four in the morning in the middle of December,
And maybe Destiny beckons me into temptation,
I could fall and beg you not to remember (me),
I fell in love and now I'm so afraid,
That all this would be done in vain,
You keep me awake and you keep me from looking down,
You keep me from digging myself deep down underground,

And If I choose to tie the noose,
Around my fragile neck,
I want you to know,
That I know that it was selfish,
I can spare you a broken heart,
I could try and change the way I feel,
You remind me of happiness,
Yet you remind me of whats real,
Voted red.

It demanded my attention straight away and made something new out of old ideas. The rhythm was spot on as well.

I thought blue pushed the imagery too much, it got annoying after a while.

Both were really good and it was hard to decide who deserves the vote.