me playing a tout le monde the reason for it being quiet/lacking a lot of distortion is cuz i cant turn my amp up too loud in my apartment....
let me know wat you think. thanks
Nice clean tone! I don't really have any crit. Solid timing.

maybe you want to tell what you think about my distortion tone: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/08L1V10N/music/all/play749804 It's only 16 secs
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Im sorry, I just don't see how you could argue that hardcore isn't metal. That just seems arrogant to me.

Yes, its its own kind of metal, but its still metal.
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good cover dude! i'd recommend looking into a line 6 pod studio ux1.. come with pod farm software which allows you to emulate MANY different amps, effects, mics, cabs, pretty much anything you want to tweak, you can! and you don't need to turn it up loud to get a clear, quality sound.. i think its around $150 but there is a lower end model and a higher end model. I use the ux1 check my covers out, let me know what you think...