I know this is a really dumb question because any decent program is going to have a precise settings for EQ. I'm using FL Studio and the EQ options are so limited, there are many frequencies that I cannot change and it doesn't even show me how many decibels i'm changing.

Sorry again for this question. I LOVE THIS PLACE by the way....
Thanks! ill give them both a try. But im looking for something that gives me some controls in the 900 freq's
If you download Reaper as you DAW then it will give a Dynamic EQ VST that will control 0-100000 hz within a 20 hz range, and you can raise or lower the decible level of any freq's.
I find it useful for those pesky sounds that you can't get out with the Real EQ. But the Real EQ is what most of the pro's here at UG use, including me.

I downloaded all the Kjaerhusaudio Vst's, gona give em a go and see how they do, they look much easier to use than most.
i use the kjaerhaus EQ most of the time, i think its pretty damn good for something thats free.

however, the Fruity Parametric EQ that comes with FL allows you to set any of the bands to any frequency. im running a rather old version of FL, but im going to assume they still have it. below the sliders are two knobs. top one controls what frequency the slider controls. gives you the freq in the little box above it. lower knob controls the width of the "filter." you can notch out a narrow part or just have a huge set centered around one frequency. not exactly what i would call limited...