hey folks,
didnt know for sure where to put this else so sorry if this is the wrong forum.

looking for a book that instructs or shows(with pics) how to set up a guitar or how to install pickups.
im paying my butt off with this all the time and i can really save that stuff i think.

any good books for that? preferably in dutch (the netherlands) or in easily understandable english

thanks alot in advance!
ik weet niet bij welke (grote) stad je woont of waar je wel eens komt, maar Feedback heeft er volgens mij boeken over (laatste keer dat ik daar heen ben gegaan is al n tijdje terug).

Anders gewoon googlen
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Try The Guitar Player Repair Guide (3rd Edition) by Dan Erlewine. It is a good book, and it isn't expensive. You can get it at any good bookstore or from Amazon.com:


This is the best book out there for the beginning guitar tech.

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looking at your profile pic you play a les paul, HAYNES do a specific one that`s for les pauls (they do one for strats and one for teles too)


but there`s not much difference in terms of setup regardless of what guitar you have. (other than different bridges)
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i was just looking for general set up stuff because i do have a knock off strat copy of SX and been thinking about buying a second guitar so just set-up in general.

thanks for your interest though(Y)
if you just need setups, the other dan erlewine book is great, "how to make your electric guitar play great" (something like that- should be on amazon)
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