hi, I have an VOX-DA15 amp and I wonder how to get metal/trash/hardrock sound.
which channel sould I use, I have 3 highgains (bas, middle and treble), crunch, drive and clean.
How should I put the sounds- bas, middle, treble, gain and master.
Should I use any effekts- delay/reverb/comp or something?
Don't know how well you can get a metal tone with that, but choose the High gain channel that you like the best, put the gain to max or close, boost the treble, cut the middle and with the bass... well, try it with different amounts and choose what you like. This might not work, but it's the common recipe for classic metal kind of tone.

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theres different types of higain, what kinda music are you ino? hardrock would be more crunchy hi gain whereas thrash would typically be scooped hi gains (that is cut mids), ive had no experience with these amps but choose higain for your metal sounds, have little mids and if ur using no effects i suggest turn on the comp effect for a more compressed, defined sound. for hardrock id suggest a crunch channel or drive channel. ive no clue what they sound like so good luck
Put it into crunch and crank that gain, shoot the mids, and put the treble at max and the bass...

Oh wait, thrash?

Ok, put into crunch and crank that gain, half the mids, and put treble 1/4-3/4 way round and then do whatever you want with the bass, but don't go past 3/4. Then, mess about from there.

Never used this amp before but this is what I do with ALL amps.
Turn all knobs to 11 and bang away. Seriously twisting the knobs and learning how to do things yourself is half the fun.You never know when you will stumble over a tone totally different they what you are searching for but it is a total blast to play on.

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