okay so there are a couple of frets on my jackson which have massive buzzing sounds.

I had the same problem with my Fender Custom FMT HH telecaster guitar which had a hard tail bridge bit i managesd to fix that by making them all equal if you know what i mean?

but yeah how can i fix this?

Also, my Jackson RR5 has locking tuners Gotoh and i want t o restring them how do i unlock the machine head?
could be neck warp, could be intonation problems, could be string gauge problems. (or worse, it could be unlevel frets, but somehow i doubt that's the problem)

for neck warp, look down the neck to check if it is bent, if it is, you'll need to adjust the truss rod. (if you dont know how, it's simple, just google it and it should clear up any problems)

for intonation, look up information on your specific bridge model. adjusting intonation isn't hard or complicated.

for string gauge, just get a more suitable gauge.

and for the locking machine heads, there should be a little part under the tuner that you can screw/unscrew (turn left or right) that should allow you to release them.

that's all i can think of, hope that helps

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