I'm currently playing an Ibanez AR-250 through a Hughes & Kettner 15-R Blue solid state amp (soon to be upgraded, likely to a Marshall tube, maybe JCM800 or 900 but that's a whole other issue) and I'm looking for a decent distortion pedal.

I'm looking for something that has a sharp tone good for producing dissonant sounds - the kind of stuff you get from Jawbox, My Disco and middle-to-late-era Rollins Band.

My budget's flexible really, I'm from Australia so in order to not get raped by markups I'll have to import from the US - I would think maybe around $200USD, but it's flexible. Thanks.
The Boss MT2 will get about any type of distortion u can imagine. usually go for about 100 bucks.
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like there hasn't already been a million of these

just search bar distortion pedal

I did, if you read the first post you'd see I'm going for a specific type of distortion, not just "a cool distortion pedal".