I was thinking about treating my self to the pod line 6 POD X3 for xmas but i was wondering if it was worth the 300 investment.

i play alot of genres of music from metalcore,deathcore, 80s metal (slayer and metallica) but i also play alot of classic hard rock jethro tull, van halen etc... and also a bit of shred bucket head paul gilbert style but i was wondering if the Pod X3 could help me achieve these tones .
It`ll give you any and every sound you want. It`s a bit of a pain to figure out at times but it is totally worth it bro..go for it!
if you play a lot of styles, you get a GREAT deal for your money and the amount of stuff you get. but you do get a somewhate digitally sounding tone, but its not too noticeable, i've enjoyed the x3 live a lot
I was also wondering since there around the same price should i get the pod x3 or the pod xt live
If you're willing to put the time into making patches (it doesn't take too long, but audiophiles may have problems), then get it.

I've had it since August and am extremely pleased with my purchase... all the tones I want/need, and enough extra things for me to experiment with things I usually don't play with.
Get the X3 if they're around the same price. It's the more recent version of the XT.

They're great for the recording artist too. Just plug in and play practically!
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