Hi guys!
I have saved up some money and think I have enough for a decent pedal. Atm I have a Blackstar HT5. This amp is really great, but it doesnt have reverb and I find it hard to find a good crunchy blues sound. I dont have any pedals. So what would be the pedal that I would have the most use of? I thought of a Blues overdrive one, but I really would like some reverb... Or should I get one of those multi-effect boxes? Or something completely different? I'm kinda new in the effects department, although I have been playing for 5 years now and consider myself a well-rounded intermediate player.

Oh, one guy at another forum suggested the Zoom G1 and to me it looks like a good buy. Opinions?

Thanks in advance!
If you use the G1 live you might find it tough to switch effects unless the effects you want are all side by side. For example: A to B works out great and you don't experience any cut out, but A to C is alittle trickier since you're skipping over B and you're likely to have your effect cut out. but if you're just using it at home, its great because it comes with an expression pedal built in and it can give you some pretty cool effects. the distortion doesn't lend itself easily to blues crunch though.
I find the best way to get a blues sound is to keep the gain on the amp somewhat high and then adjust the guitars volume to taste.

Anyway, as far as reverb, I'd go with the Digitech Hardwire reverb pedal through the loop of the HT-5.
The Digitech Hardwire Reverb is a great pedal. Solid sounds of both vintage and digital at a neat price.

It still may be a bit tight for you, though, depending on what your budget is?
For reverb i would suggest the electro harmonix holy grail, although i don't know a whole lot about reverb pedals, i did like this one when i played it.

For blues level gain you could try a tube screamer type pedal, like an ibanez ts9 or a boss sd-1.

Also i wouldn't recommend a multi fx pedal unless you get a really good one, or you really need that many effects.