sooo, as my little brother told to stair away in this bass thing, he went to the store and bought a big but a little bad amp(thats ok) and a ****ing bad violin bass that isnt even a good one, so as we like rock and metal i told him to change it, theres a washburn xb120 at the store which i would like him to buy.
is it a good one?? i mean, to start with...
oooh, and the amp has an active jack so there would be any trouble...
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I used to have one, sold mine. It's decent, pretty loud, since it's active, and the tone wasn't half bad either. I just never liked the way the fretboard felt... I recommend saving up some more money and get a Fender squier or something.
It's a decent bass, not really special but it'll work fine I believe.
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