I recorded a couple of indie songs, i posted a thread earlier about 18 in '66, but I would really like some feedback on "I've got my money on something" It's in my profile. I will check out you guys' stuff too. Thanks in advance.
i really liked it
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Awesome, haha, anything that needs to be changed, or done slightly different. I'm not a big fan of my own vocals, but I can't find anyone else to sing for me unfortunately. Thanks for the quick reply, bro!
I liked it too, the only complaint i have is that the song is a bit short. But other then that it is near perfect, and you have a really fitting voice. Good job.

Edit: check out the song on my sig if you have Guitar Pro, and time... or not.
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Thanks a ton. I don't have guitar pro at the moment, but I have it on a disc somewhere I will save the link to a text file and check it out later for sure. If I write another verse I might try to make a refined longer version later.