Well someone suggested that I check out Nile, I had heard of them before so I finally checked them out and got some guitarpro tabs, I only checked like 4 songs and all the tabs I got for those 4 songs pose a question. Do these guys actually shred? they just seem to have a bunch of weird time signatures, sludgy palm muted powerchords and fast tremelo picking (which I hardly would call shredding) so do these guys have any intense solo passages? Any sweep picking? something like that...or are they just a tremelo pick happy band?
Good luck, you'll need it.
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They are awesome!
Going to see them saturday
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Quote by Keth
Why the hell would you care if they 'shred'?


youve gotta be a damn good guitarist to play Nile......
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but yeah its fine
There are so many things wrong with your post. Jesus tapdancing christ...

Most notably,
-You're not in the Nile thread
-A major requirement for you to enjoy a band is that they employ "shred" (which is a rather vague term anyways)
-You used the word "shred".
-You judged a band by listening to guitar pro tabs.
-You judge a death metal band clearly without any prior knowledge of death metal
-You picked on Nile to express your dislike for what's quite characteristic of other death metal
-You picked on Nile to express your misunderstanding of time signatures. Nile don't really use "weird" time signatures. Many bands have used these "weird" time sigs long before. It's quite commonplace now.
-You used the word "weird" to describe time signatures because they don't seem like they're 4/4?
-You're a genuine twat
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