I really like this guitar, but I'm paranoid about how much longer my current camera is going to last and my photo gear takes precedence over my music gear.

Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Guitar is a 2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded with a 50's neck in great condition. No dents or major scratch or scuffs. The previous owner installed the pick guard and I took it off so there are holes, but they aren't that noticeable.

Modifications : Dimarzio Airzone installed in bridge

Accessories : OHSC and case candy

Location: Bowling Green, KY

Contact Info : PM's Please

References : I've got references across several different forums that I can send if necessary. My ebay id is the.tian with 100% positive feedback.

Price: $1200 shipped and paypal'd obo

Pictures: Here's one and I can provide more for those with serious interest.