Do you know any good exercises to master this technique at normal speed? I am trying the sea of lies from symphony x but I just cant get the speed up, I can do at 75% normal speed in guitar pro but thats it
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that was crazy hard for me... One thing I did was get the tapping for only one hand done at a time... i.e. the right hand tapping, then the left hand tapping...
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there's three things you need for flavorful two handed tapping. the first is the obvious, which is finger strength. the second is fluency of each note, which you would get from practicing it over and over again.the third is being able to use two hands to tap in tandem.

finger strength comes with playing over a period of time,although you can try one of the many strength building grips and balls out there,although i dont really use them. for fluency of each note, try picking the left hand arpeggios before you start to do them with the tapping. perfect your playing with just sweeping them, and while it will sound weird, it will help you know exactly what you're doing with your left hand, which does the bulk of the work. fluency is very important as i do know know a couple people (including myself), who can play sea of lies at 80-85% of the speed, but when it goes faster, you start noticing half notes and stuff,not just at the swept parts, but at some of the picked parts too (not easy,lol). the important thing to know is that michael romeo didn't just write sea of lies to be played with a certain speed,but also to be played perfectly.

finally, you have to use both hands in sync. its a little different when you pick each note and when you tap, in the essence that you have to hit the notes harder,yet smoothly,to be able to get it right (you could always turn the gain up on your amp but it wont sound good). if you know what to do with your left hand perfectly, then it's game.the right hand only does add ons while the left provides the basis.perfect your left hand. the right hand will follow.
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