I found an ad on Craigslist and I'm intrigued. I'll admit I don't know anything about Marshalls, and I'm not really looking for an amp at the moment (I'm happy with mine), but if this is a ridiculously good deal I'll go ahead and buy it.

its not worth it...even used at a lower price. you can do better for the money. i got my old MG for way less than that and it still wasn't worth it
$350-400 seems to be about the going rate for them.

I wouldn't bother...
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no it's not a good deal, mg's are not very good.
AKA don't bother!
Just get a second hand tube combo; you'll regret it a lot less.
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Any solidstate modelling halfstack is a rip off.

1) mg's are not modelling amps
2) No, just no, there are good modeling 1/2 stacks
^And good solid state half stacks to
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When somebody comes on UG the usual answer is you get more money selling an MG on craigslist vs trade in value, which is pretty low. So somebody else now wants a better amp so they plan to pawn their junk off on another person who doesnt know better. Or you might contact the seller and they say their is a minor problem w the amp, translation getting rid of it before it quits completely.