Okay guys,

As school started again for me I had to drop the whole "I wanna build a guitar" thing. Now I'm back and after decent grades and all the rest me and my dad are gonna do what we didn't do this summer.

However, there are a few problems I have found which are:

1. The kit (BYOGuitar.com Jackson kelley) is no longer available

2. I remember next to nothing of how to build guitars

3. Shipping from the US to the UK is sooooooo expensive

My budget is about £150 - £175 inc shipping extra parts we would need etc.

Would love something with a trem.

As for shapes I want something that looks stunning!(Stunning in the metal world) Like a kelley or B.C. rich warlock)

The manufacturer must be reliable and neck pockets etc must be basically perfect on arrival as we are both complete amateurs.

Would have loved a Carvin but £60 + shipping over budget killed that dream.

I have found a few kits but nothing spectacular.

To conclude, I know this sounds a lot but Ultimate help threads and UK (Doesn't have to be UK based but would be nice) based guitar kit manufacturers would help sooo much.
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