I ve been playing for guitar for a about a year (using tab) and i wanted to get into
other music (like classical stuff)

Can somone one recomend me a book??

I can read music but not for guitar.....
The sacksioni methode? But I thought that book was only available for the dutch. It's not classical but a fun way of playing the guitar, and pretty frickin hard as well.

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Tommy Emmaneul
Harry Sacksioni
Andy Mckee
I can read music but not for guitar..... "

Not telling us much xD
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Just practicing read music out of either the Berklee Method, which gets difficult very quick and is four volumes, or Mel Bay, which is about seven volumes but they discuss many techniques and get difficult less steeply.
I'd also say get into jazz. Check out John Coltrane, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Miles Davis, etc.
Music theory, everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask, Hal Leonard.


it says its for guitar, but it is the best theory book I have ever read. It is absolutely perfect. ear training, every bit of theory you could want, and samples of different genres.

It may not help a ton with the actual art of playing music, but it gives you such a strong background that it would be impossible to not be able to pick that up quickly. I learned more from this book than I did from a year of music theory.

check it out, I got it at exactly the stage you are at and it helped me so much! GL
Christopher Parkening Guitar Method volume 1
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Christopher Parkening Guitar Method volume 1
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The Parkening method book is good.

The 20 Segovia Studies are pretty much required, but not for beginners. There are very few of them that are appropriate for that level. Some of them are down-right difficult.

I often recommend a series called "A Modern Approach to Classical Guitar" by Charles Duncan. There are three books in the series, if I recall correctly. Book 1 is very basic and book three is decidedly intermediate. If you can play book three, you no longer need a method book as much as you need to start working on real 'serious' repertoire.

This could be discussed in this forum. It's not entirely off-topic, but there is a dedicated forum here for acoustic and classical guitar. You'll probably get a more focused audience who will be able to respond to this maybe better than here.

Although my degree is in classical guitar, I really haven't kept up with method books over the past.... erm.... almost 20 years.

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