Would be kind of great. I'm like well, between a newbie and an average guitar player. I can play Stairway to heaven and so on... I'm stuck, can't get any longer on my own. The thing is that I don't want to get bored either, with some boring songs or some boring lessons. This is the only way I can have fun at the same time as I'm learning...

If you know what lickbyneck.com is... Well. Close to all songs there takes too long time to learn for me. Got to be in a special mood for that :p.

Think you could write down some songs that you think are good and that people recoginze please?... Like walking in Memphis or some other song. Just about anything that you think people would know about for acoustic guitar. Like songs that you hear on the radio from time to time.

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Tears in heaven is a good start
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Everlong (Acoustic) - Foo Fighters
Misery Buisness (Acoustic) - Paramore
Tribute - Tenacious D
Song 2 - Blur (Works very well on an acoustic guitar surprisingly)
Yeah it is. It's a list of suggestions for songs to learn. It includes famous songs that sound good on acoustic that people would recognize. What else are you looking for?
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I like this suggestion =]
any spill canvas, death cab for cutie, eric clapton, city and colour, or pretty much any song you want, just search it og UG and look for chords instead of tabs, works great. EXPLORE
Ye... But this one is based a little more on the same subject. I mean, in that thread you'd write famous songs and so on, and then people would write back of course. Maybe after like five answers it comes up a new question about a new thing. The answers you got might not be the ones you looked for cause you might already knew the songs that were among these answers.

You see my point?

Keep on writing please
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