Hey guys ive been lately thinking.. what songs shall i learn so when people ask me to play i can play something all alone..
i am a good player.. for what i play and the [problem is that i play/ write music for a band it's impossible to play alone and make someone not knowing what you are playing to get surprised...

hmm so any songs to play alone like on acoustic i do some touchstyle thing..but on electric only thing i can think of is Midnight by Satch
Nothing ever happened by deerhunter
English rose by the jam
brick is red by the pixies.
Stairway to heaven and black dog by Led Zeppelin
These all work.

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most of buckethead's stuff can be played on it's own

eh... not really true. Most stuff of of colma can (I love my parents, big sur moon) but try isolating guitar in many of the more heavy stuff ruins it I think
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Bad Horsie
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guys hmm well thanx for your suggestions..
hmm i looked up the buckethead's stuff and it's kinda yeah pretty close to what im looking for...

and i think i gta learn the bad horsie till the end... hmm and may be yeah satch stuff too??

just to make sure you get what i want.. iwant a song which can be played without no other musicians or at least with a drum machine 9non programmable ie only same patern/riff/tempo.. )

thnx again
You're going to be hard pressed to find a lot, as the guitar was not intended as a solo instrument, and isn't used as a solo instrument. There's always (almost always) some sort of percussion and accompaniment (Bass or similar).

EDIT: But check out candyrat stuff. Andy McKee for example. Also, Buckethead's 'Acoustic Shards' album etc.
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coming back to life- pink floyd... well the intro any ways but its a really nice intro
aha nice idea bout the Floyd song..
hmm ma be castelorizon by Gilmour??

heeh i know McKee.. he's coo land i play that kinda stuff but on acoustic what iwanted now is a song for electric shred.. like for example G3 live in denver's Malmsteen's acoustic solo played on electric with dist soudns awesome.. something like that. is what i exactly want
Go on youtube and look up Phil Keagy Salvation Army Band. He is an entirely one man band that does his own percussion and stuff using loop effects maybe u can take some ideas from that.