does anyone know the current relatonship between metallica and megadeth? i am shocked to find they will tour with the rest of the big 4 at sonisphere. i have hated metallica all my life and now the one idol i have left decides to do this. is thier relationship almsot like what megadeth and slayer have, like not rly friends but they put their differences asside to tour?
I heard they all hot tub together and have a good old laugh at how shit Anthrax are. Just think of that. Metallica and Megadeth. Naked. In hot, steaming water. Maybe Kirk's hand will wander up Rob's big, rippling thigh... mmm.

Thing is, they never let Dave join in. He just sits there and cracks the odd half-hearted joke about how no-one's bought an Anthrax album since 1995 while Metallica make out... no one listens. And this is all just too much, so he goes onto the internet and complains, but he goes back and tries to be friends.

He always goes back.
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Let me ask Dave, he is on msn now.

yeah I'll just give Kirk a quick call to see if Dave is still invited to his birthday party next week
According to Facebook they've changed their relationship status (AGAIN) to "In a complicated relationship". Sort it out lads...
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