I need little help to choose an USB or Firewire Audio Interface. I want to buy it from THOMANN (http://www.thomann.de/gb/index.html) or MUSICSTORE (http://www.musicstore.com/en_EN/EUR) and with a price range ~100-140€. I wanna use it to record my guitar musics, and it must have the less latency as possible and a good quality sound (according to the price range, off course xD). I don't care too much about the software, as I can use Guitar Rig 4, I guess.
I saw many reviews but I can't decide, so I need your help as soon as possible, please

Thanks for your help
Well, I know I'm going to ask the obvious stupid question but does your computer have a Firewire port on it?
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FireWire is undoubtedly the better, faster cable, and the interfaces are usually good standard. USB just lacks so much. However if it's the choice between USB 2.0 and FireWire 400, then USB is faster, but USB and FireWire 800, then FireWire is the better choice.

In general, FireWire kicks USB's ass.
i don't speak in foreign currencies... but i like tascam products for recording... easy to setup/use and run about $200us for their decent models
I don't understand much (almost nothing xD) about firewire, but I own a Sony Vaio VGN-FW21Z, and I do think it has Firewire port. I don't know its type, but I think it owns one.
And the big question isn't to know if Firewire is better than USB. My big question is to know a speciffic Audio Interface to buy :P