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Cookie monster genocide my nation! HE MUST DIE MENS

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can there really be a best of anything?
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Thrice was damn good both times I saw them.
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Muse is definitely up there.
Reel Big Fish is pretty good too
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Everyone can relate to food or taking dumps but nobody sings about it.

In my opinion P-Funk is the best.
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Damn you guitarsftw, i was reading that in a rhythm of something... muse... something... muse then.
Top 5 I've seen have been Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Metallica, Muse and Machine Head
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You have amazing taste in men.

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Dude, their light shows are insane.

I'm going to have to say "this".

EDIT: Phish, Black Crowes, any jam band, really.
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jonas bros

why in the name of god would you ever want to see them, or listen to them?!
INXS was called the best live band in the world for a short while
Pretty much any band with a charismatic singer. So Guns N' Roses, The Doors, INXS, U2 (yeah, suck it up, Bono haters).
I'd say AC/DC has a pretty rowdy show.
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Dream Theater. 16,295 people die at every concert.

He's right.

And they always start at 6:00.
Avenged Sevenfold
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I had a dream about your avatar once, so yes of course.

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every time i see that twirling electrode avatar of yours I know that the post is worth reading or the link is worth clicking

Dream Theater, Between the Buried and Me, and Opeth all tie for best for me. I've seen all three, and they were all absolutely perfect. Great sound, perfect playing, great lighting and performance.

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AC/DC, SOAD, Greenday, Rise Against, Bowling for soup - all different styles of live performance, but their the best ones i've been to
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Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

Abso-friggin-lutely...saw them twice at Giants stadium in October and at IZOD center in shows I've ever seen
Pearl Jam are the gold standard for live performance- even Coldplay and U2 have acknowledged that Pearl Jam are pretty much the masters of the live show. Extremely well rehearsed- not many bands that have been around the same time as Pearl Jam can pick any song from their 20 year back catalogue and play it as tight. Very talented gentlemen with great jams.
best ive seen was mastodon.
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Megadeth and Goijra
Mustaine used to sing or play solos really bad in concerts. He seems much better nowadays, but i haven't seen them

The Flaming Lips, Lightning Bolt or Melt Banana

NOT Muse.
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