Hi, I'm trying to find a good interface (I have a macbook pro) and a good mic to record both acoustic guitar and voice.

If possible I would like to use the mic for electric guitar as well, but I have a silent recording output that i can hook up anyway, so it's no big deal if the mic can't be used for stickin in my speaker cone.

can you use the same mic for recording electric/ voice/ and acoustic?

my budget is around $150ish for the interface, and then I have no idea about mics, but I'm obviously on a budget.

brands to look for, and other tidbits of info are helpful of course

i too have a macbook i bought for recording purposes. my criteria was mostly live recording with some tracking, so i needed multiple inputs. i went after a presonus firestudio with 8 xlr inputs with passing preamps(better than any other I have owned anyway). this cost me quite a bit of dough and would be cost prohibitive for your purposes.

for 150 usd and you really just looking for one mic, i would go with a usb mic. usb mics usually come with their own recording software and have onboard preamps. all you would need to do is open garage band, plug in the mic to the usb. then garageband will ask you if you want to switch to it. you say yes, then assign the input to a track from the drop down menu and then hit record. usually these usb mics are condenser mics, sound great for vocals and acoustic guitar, but i would recommend recording electric at fairly subdued volumes as condenser mics aren't super rugged in handling high db sources but it will sound good.

look on musicians friend for lists of manufacturers, but they'll range from 50 to 200 usd for a good one. blue puts one out for about 100 bucks that looks good.
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