Good evening everyone!

What sort of good, clean channel amp would £100-£150 buy me these days (good second-hand, that may be)?
My guitar is a Fender Strat Deluxe (1991) and I'm really after an amp (15W min) with a good clean channel as I am pretty satisfied with my effect pedals.
Any suggestions?
Thank you all!
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The new marshall class 5 would be good i think, also the Vox ac4tv would be good, however you would have to go used on both.

Really there's not a whole lot for that budget in the way of good tube amps, so maybe a ss modeler like the peavey vyper or vox VT would do.

What genres do you play and what sounds are you going for?
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For £150 you aren't going to get anything worth writing home about at all really. Save up and wait a bit and you'll be far happier with your purchase.
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Thanks for suggestions... yes, I am aware that my budget won't allow for a tube amp, but that's ok as I am a beginner with electric guitars and I'd like to take it easy (having spent bigger money on guitar and pedals).
Somebody recommended a Peavey Bandit....
Genres are blues, hard/prog rock (Pink Floyd-ey things).
Bandits have good cleans.

Look into a second hand Laney VC15 (Im not sure if theyd fit your budget anymore.) or the Laney LC15, really sparkly cleans on that. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Laney-LC15R-Valve-Tube-Amp-Amplifier-Jenson-Speaker_W0QQitemZ330385785011QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_MusicalInstr_Amplifiers_RL?hash=item4cec8700b3 )

Vox AC4/Epi VJ/Something similar would probably be great, it's gunna be pretty damn loud for 5 watts too (You wont be able to crank it in a bedroom situation.)
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15 watts valve amp for £150 is really pushing it, even for the used market. Check out this though:


If you are able to go lower than 15 watts, check out these:

Laney Cub

Vox AC4

Orange AD5

Blackheart Little Giant
Thing is the VC15 now costs the same new than the VC30 did before they changed them (£300). I wonder if they actually sound better or just changed the logo.

Youd have to be hopefully that it sells at £150 though.
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Thank you, I'm very hapy to have found this!!
150, that's like 300AUD right? might be able to scrap in a Roland Jazz-Chorus if you get lucky? Just a thought.
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150, that's like 300AUD right? might be able to scrap in a Roland Jazz-Chorus if you get lucky? Just a thought.

where are these 300AUD Jazz Chorus' you speak of?!
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