Alright well i did a dive bomb well not really i pulled back on my whammy bar(its made to do that) but when i did i broke one string and every string got raised up a half note. Now it wont go as far back as it did. How do i fix it to get it back to normal. I screwed around with the the string adjusters but it didnt do much.
Just replace your strings and it should be fine, at worst you might have to mess with the springs in the back. If you dont know what your doing really though, you should prolly take it in.
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it's cause the the lack of one string throws off the tension. now the trems off level, and sinking into the cavity. the lack of one string lessens the tension on the strings, and the only way to counter that pressure is for the trem springs to tighten until the tension between strings and springs are equal.

you'll need to restring.

to fix this, take off the back plate, and dive the trem until it's level with the body. then block the trem so it won't move. that'll be your neutral position. now unlock the locking nut and remove the strings. and then restring completely. now unblock your trem, see if it's level. if it's leaning forward, then tighte the trem springs, if it's still sinking, loosen the trem springs. re-tune, rinse and repeat until level. now lock down the nut and fine tune the strings.
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I replaced one string and you all right this my first floyd rose and i dont know what im doing
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I replaced one string and you all right this my first floyd rose and i dont know what im doing

Well this is going to be fun Which 'string adjustors' did you touch? Locate them on the picture or insert your own picture with a circle around the screw.

Also is your bridge parallel to your body? If you can't tell then take a picture of your guitar from side on focusing on the bridge part.
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See if this helps you understand better.

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Here is the main thing about Floyds. In order for them to stay in tune, the tension of the springs in the back of the guitar, need to be equal to the tension of the strings.

The reason for this is that when they are equal, you can do anything you want to with the bridge, and it will always come back to that same place.

The easiest way to know how the tensions are equal, is that when they are equal, the bridge itself will be parallel to the body of the guitar.

How to tune it.
Like I said earlier, tune the lowest string to an E (Or whatever you're tuning to) and adjust the bridge to where it is perfectly parallel. When you adjust the bridge, you will be adding tension to the strings to, so it will come out of tune again, but not as much as before. Continue to re-adjust/tune just that one string, until you have the bridge parallel, and the one string stays in tune. Then start doing the same thing with the other strings, one string at a time, until they are all tuned, and the bridge is perfectly parallel.

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