im looking for a guitar probably from these brands, idk what i should get. i like superstrats and some exotic looking guitars like the xhpihos or ex401 explorer type of body. I would like humbuckers like EMG's or SD's for rock, hard rock, metal, and a little of classic rock. My budget would be 500 max. Im looking for the best for my money and i would go used. What do you think?
ive found that the ibanez rg, jackson dinkys, ESP mh series, and c1s are in my range and are the most respected in rock and metal.
any suggestions?
I would go for the schecter. they are really good at holding up. I dont think you can really find a good jackson under 500, but there are some ibanezs and esps that are good. But if i had to choose it would be the C1.
xiphos for classic rock and hardrock.........you`ll look stupid

what budget? what amp ? etc etc

do you want a hardtail or trem? give us more info on what features you are looking for
ibanez rg is always a good way to go, in my opinion at least. most times, though, you'll have to change the stock pickups and pop in some good ones like the one you mentioned, some kind of EMG. since you're wanting to play a wide range from hard rock to metal and a bit of classic rock, you could try out a 81/60 combo. other than that, all the guitars you mentioned are worth a try, honestly. just go to some guitar shop and try those out, compare the prices and play some of those guitars.
i have a peavey vypyr and please dont tell me to upgrade my amp. i would like a trem i think over a hard tail, a thinner neck than an LP
I think you could do better. I got my C1FR pretty much mint, only used for like 4 months off ebay for 200 flat. I've seen blackjacks (blackouts) and hellraisers (emgs) for around 500 bucks. You can find some killer deals, so IMO you could get something a tier above the C1's and whatever else goes new for 500. Definitely shop around and be patient, a good deal will come along. Anyways, all of the brands you mention will be solid.
It's pretty solid. I don't have any complaints except that a bridge height stud on my FR got stripped when I was trying to raise action a little so I have to use pliers to adjust height on one side.
I would recommend the older used MIJ Ibanez RG. They are within your budget usually and most of the time include non-standard pickups. So stuff like RG550/560/570/770 would be the ones you should look out for.