I've just gotten my first tube amp to replace my old solid state amp that I've had for a few years. In setting the tube amp up I'm a tad unsure of what to do with the different ohm outputs. My head has 2 8 ohm outputs, and a single 16 ohm output, while my cab has 2 inputs. How should I set this up? Do I use both 8's into the two speaker inputs, or is that second speaker input for attaching a second head? Sorry for being so noobish, but I would prefer to not obliterate my brand new amp by blowing it because I can't set it up properly...
the two 8 ohm out puts on the amp are for running two 8 ohm cabs which would total out as 16 ohms. We need to know what your cab is wired for before we can tell you. Give us a model or google it yourself One is for 8 and the others for 16. So you could run your amp on either but 16 amps would open the amp to its full potential but 8 would be quieter
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Ah I see, it's a 16 ohm cab, so then I should just run it off of the one 16 ohm output from the cab?
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