These two things are totally unrelated.

I'm looking for a decent, semi-cheap keyboard to buy for Christmas, I have no experience at all. Any help is great.

I'm also looking to get my brother a capture card for Christmas, and my knowledge of these are little to none. Any help is appreciated.

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One with letters or notes?

Like musical or pc?
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One with letters or notes?

Like musical or pc?

This + wtf is a capture card?


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This + wtf is a capture card?

Pretty much for capturing footage from camcorders to pc, generally has a firewire cable input in it to link direct into the corder' itself.

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If you want a musical keyboard that can double as a midi, then look into a cheap yamaha or casio. If you're actually looking into proper synths etc then this is the wrong place to ask (not just because its a guitar forum...), look on the Sound on Sound forums.
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