Today was the first day I ever went on this forum, and I liked it so I thought I might post some songs i did a while ago, it isnt much but its alright. Please rate/criticise, tell me what you think, it's kind of a soft pop/punk song...not the kind of stuff I gerally listen to but it's easy to play....lol, and yes I called it "Nice song", because I didn't know what else to call it. That is not the final title of the song though....
Nice song.gp5
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hey man welcome , im pretty new here too

anyway my crit on your song

bar 1 - 40
Awesome build up really cant say anything more than that.

bar 40 - 56
wasnt that happy about this , took all the mood and feeling away from the build up and this is were i expected the drums too come in and carry the sound forward and give it a nice groove.

bar 57 - 82
again sounds nice , even the second time

84 - 100
same chords/progression , allthough a bit empty because you only used one instrument


id say you have a great idea for a song and made great use of chords and combinations , allthough its very short and it seems like you dont have any structure at all , but just random parts.
if youd make a great structure with more different parts it could turn out awesome !

and o yeah , you have to add drums to this imo , cuz thats a big miss right now !

anyway good job so far !

can you crit any of my songs ? there in my sig.
Thanks!!! I had entirely forgottten about drums :S Thanks for reminding me!!! :P I'd love to crit. your songs, I'll put the review/thingy on your thread!
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Alright, this is as I listen:

Bars 1-12: I think this had a nice feel, but the drums should have started counting off on the hi-hat or something around bar 11.

Bars 13-16: Use 42 or 46 for the hi-hat, 44 is for when you stomp on the pedal. Other than that, the drums need to crash on the first beat of bar 13. Other than that, it's simple, but I like it.

Bars 17-35: I like the use of the synth-strings: it really adds a lot. Some of the notes on the piano sound a little out of place when it first introduces in.

Bars 36-53: I really liked this.

Bar 54-61: Simple, but good.

62-77: This still sounds good, but it's getting really repetitive.

78-end: A perfect way to end this song.

Overall, it's pretty simple, and could use a little touching up, but with the right vocal-melody, it could be great.

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