Of The Grass Below

Walking around the block
The scent of fresh cut grass takes me away
Kids running amongst themselves
Sliding in the cool morning dew
Trying to catch one another in a game of tag

Only a few feet further from the children
Sits a yellow sprinkler
Two pieces of plastic hold a stainless steel rod in the center
It shoots life birthing water indiscriminately
And without judgment as to which blade of grass is more deserving
Or more robbed of the daily rain

Deep in the lawn
Is a single sliver of grass so short
It cannot reach over the towering cities of flora above

This single slice of grass is slowly drying
Dying out

And the yellow sprinkler continues
To Give and create life
Entirely indifferent to the praise
Or scorn
Of the grass below
No one throws away porn, their like heirlooms, pass them down your family tree!