so i have approximately $1000-1500 Canadian to spend on a new tube amp. I mainly play my own music with my band, but we have many influences ranging from the Beatles to Green Day to Rush etc...so i'm looking for a great, rock sounding overdrive tone with nice cleans (on my own i like to play jazz and funk so cleans are just as important as the overdrive).

Since my band and i hope to be playing some live shows soon, i need a tube amp thats loud enough for small venues, but not too loud for home use. i'm thinking 30 watts tube would be good.

I am definitely willing to go used, but seeing as there isnt much selection on Craigslist in my area (Montreal), i'm thinking that i would be forced to buy something new.

my current guitar is an epiphone les paul.

any suggestions that you guys have would be great. thanks in advance
Vox ac30
Marshall JCM800/900
Randall RM50 with your choice of modules
Gibson SG Special Faded
Marshall JCM2000 DSL 401
Vox AC30 cc1 (Overseas you get a bit ripped off though.)

i dont know much about it, heard great stuff. somone else probably will.

With that kind of budget i dont think you cant wrong, go to a shop if you can and try stuff out.
ahh yes, the ac30...i've been thinking about getting one of those for a long time now. but do you think it'll give me enough "crunch"? i know i could always boost it with an overdrive pedal, but without any pedals, how loud would i have to crank it to get some overdrive?