I bought a used jackson kvx10, and the trem sucks, and I dont really like floyds anyway.

so is there a way I could put a string thru, or hardtail on it?

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You could put a block in it. That might be cheaper and give you the same results.
Yeh, your best bet is to just completely block the bridge.
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Whats wrong with the trem?
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Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yes, but really freaking difficult and a PITA.
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It could be done but it's just not worth it I agree with others to just block the trem. There is plenty of info out there.

As other people have said, block the trem off, it's fairly easily done. You COULD put a fixed bridge on, but it would require some SERIOUS woodwork and refinishing and would yield similar results to blocking your trem off. Basically stick a lump of wood between the trem and guitar body round the back. google it for some better explanations.
You could block it or modify it for a fixed bridge, but you would be better off just selling it and getting something you like or trading it with someone who has a fixed bridge guitar and wants a floating bridge guitar.
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