Its Christmas time, and I just bought everyone their gifts so I have about 80 bucks or so left over for myself. I'm kind of looking for the sound that Dimebag has, or Zakk Wylde has most specifically. What would the best pedal be for me to get that kinda sound?

I'm using some Joe Satriani like Ibanez guitar(my dad gave it to me a long time ago) with some sort of Seymore Duncan humbuckers. I'm using a 60w Peavey Vypyr dual tube amp, and a 15watt Vox tube.

Also, if 80 bucks isn't enough, I'll be getting about 100 bucks or so during xmas, so I can wait till then, but the sooner the better. Thanks
I'll continue reccomending this thing everywhere.

Barber Dirty Bomb $99

My go to pantera/BLS pedal. Very open sounding (Not sloppy or fizzy), very heavy, no hiss/hum, can get very tight sounding too. Cant say a bad word about it.
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^havent heard of that one but ill check it out

ill recommend the digitech hardwire TL-2 metal distortion. a slightly cheaper version would be the digitech metal master

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The Digitech Hardwire TL-2 Metal distortion is what I'd suggest.
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