Where is the best place to get one in the UK?

I'm looking at building my own tele-jazzmaster, and need a neck. My initial idea, which I have carried out was to buy a really cheap tele copy, so I bought a Johnny Brook's for 45 quid. It got delivered today, and the neck on it is awful. I feel using it would just completely defeat the point, as I'm trying to build my perfect guitar.

I am however trying to make my perfect guitar on a slight budget. I plan on getting the body from Guitarmill, which with shipping to the UK is gonna cost me £150. I'm going to pay out for parts, over time. I want a Gisbon Humbucker hidden under the plate, similar to the actual Fender Telemaster. So, I want this to be good quality.

So, where can I get a tele neck that's actually decent? I don't mind if it's finished, I have the nitro paint. I want it to actually fit well and be smooth. I found the one on the cheap copy I bought, the fretboard is rough and awful, it feels horrible. The fretboard is also fairly flat, there isn't even a slight arch to fit the hand, with the nice rounded edges.

I'd preferably like to stay under £100, but from my research, this seems like it's going to be a struggle. Some places are charging up to £200, for which I could buy a new Squire Classic Vibe and take the neck off that, aswell as the bridge and wiring. I feel the neck off that should be fairly decent. However, I still don't expect it to compare to a Fender. If I lived in America, I'd probably go with Warmouth, but I don't. But I want a neck of that quality.

Has any UK buyer ever used Axesrus? They have fairly decent prices, but I don't want it to get here, and then I have 2 shit necks, anyone know much about the quality?

Also, I don't like a fingerboard like layered/glued on, I quite like the whole neck to be one piece.

For the image in your head, the best neck I could possibly ask for would be anything similar to this: http://guitarfixation.com/images/pic/Telemaster_50Relic-R47226-NBL-FrontFull.jpg

If anyone can help me in anyway, that'd be brilliant, thanks!

EDIT: I'm willing to import a neck, if the quality is assured, and the price is fair, including the shipping fees.
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