Are these tube Randalls any good, ive read a few reviews but most of the time with mid priced gear i dont trust the reviewer as far as i can throw 'em

Has any of GG&A tried or bought this amp?

Is it good for 80's Thrash and Shred Metal?
I've got the RG50TC, which from what I've come to realise, is merely average.

I can't find the amp nor the RH50T on Randall's new site, which is a bit confusing. However, the amp's clean channel isn't too bad, but the overdrive channels lack real punch and act quite flubby with a ridiculous amount of loose bass. The tone controls for the overdrive section are also very limited in nature. The reverb works, but you don't notice much difference until you crank the reverb up.

I've also found that the gain structure is HEAVILY compressed; there's very very little difference between gain at 2 and gain at 10, except more noise.

It doesn't seem to have the nice tight sound needed for 80's thrash, although from what I've heard, sadly yet to have tried, is that the amp excels at downtuning. I've not been able to go past D, so I can't comment on that.

I'm actually planning on writing a review for the amp when I get a chance, and I've had the amp for about a year and a half now.
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