Alright UG,

I'm going to Guitar Center NYC tomorrow to pick out a new head. I want the best amp for pop rock (Paramore, Green Day, etc.) that I can get! I'm not happy with my recorded tones right now.

My budget is anything less than $1500, I'm open to all things, and I will play your suggestions in the store!

This will be used with a Les Paul/Strat and going into an Avatar 2x12 (Vintage 30 + G12H).

Let's hear some suggestions!

Edit: I've been looking into the Marshall DSL100...opinions?
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Marshall JCM 800 or one of its many clones
Vox ac30

both will do exactly what you want

EDIT: The Marshall DSL is good, i have the combo and it does some great pop rock tones, but i think that the JCM 800 will be better
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How about a Bogner Alchemist? FYI, I actually played some Paramore and Green Day songs through one at Best Buy and ended up sounding almost like them. However, I have yet to hear how the distortion channel sounds cranked (didn't want to risk getting kicked out of the store). The clean channel gets unbelievably loud though, but it sounds really crisp if you ask me

Plus, it's only $1,250, which fits perfectly into your budget.

As for you considering the Marshall DSL 100, funny you should bring that up, since that's the head Josh Farro uses (I think he also uses a Mesa Dual Rec, which is out of your budget). Personally, I haven't tried one myself, but if you want to sound like Josh, go for it- I ain't stopping you.
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Thanks for the suggestions both of you!

I will definitely look into the JCM800, but I'm not sure an AC30 will have enough gain for what I need it for..will it? I can boost it.

As for the Alchemist, I've heard mixed things. Some good and a lot bad, so I'm not sure where I stand on that but it will definitely be on my mind to try out!
The AC30 is a great amp and it's overdrive is often overlooked. It's the corner stone of a lot of great tones (ie, The Clash). Stick a Tubescreamer infront of it and you should be laughing.
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For Paramore, JCM2000, because that's what Josh Farro uses currently. He also used Mesa Rectifiers, as rocknrolldude43 said.

When I went to buy my new amp a month or so ago, it was between the JCM2000 and the Single Recto for me. I play pretty much exactly what you're describing. I'm more a fan of the Recto tone than the Marshall tone, personally (although both are lovely), so I went with a Single Rectifier.

Thus, for that much, I would suggest either a JCM2000 or a Single Rectifier, depending on your tonal inclination. Both are staples in the pop rock/pop-punk genre, you can't really go wrong with either.
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Yeah lots of amps will get you the tone your after. As suggested, look into Marshall JCMs, Mesa Single Rectifiers, or even Vox's. The Alchemist is a good amp, but not at its steep price. Pretty much just try every tube amp they've got in your price range, most will satisfy your tonal needs, but off the top of my head I'm thinking a used JCM of sorts. They can be found for cheap, are great amps and would allow you some spare change for other cool guitar gizmos.
Alright guys, I played some of the amps you guys recommended...NAD coming Monday or Tuesday.....